Gold standard UV lamp with STK solutions

At the end of every STK solutions protocols, during the revelation phase, you will need to light up with a 365nm UV lamp. Several 365nm are doing a good job but the best one is definitely the VILBER VL-6.L. 

A must while using any STK solution.

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VILBER VL-6.L is the gold standard UV lamp for the STK revelation phase of the protocol. Best signal will be obtained in the dark, slowly sweeping the area by positioning the UV lamp at a distance of about 25 cm (~10 inches) from studied target. 

Presumptive test is positive: a bright blue fluorescent signal is visible while lighting up with VILBER VL-6.L UV lamp. 

Presumptive test is negative: no signal is detected while lighting up with VILBER VL-6.L UV lamp. 

Plug: US 110 Volt