STK Lab A3x20

STK Sperm Tracker impregnated paper for fiber and textile evidences

STK Lab is a presumptive test for the detection of human male semen on fabric evidences.

Ready to use, STK Lab impregnated paper sheets is the perfect solution for forensic laboratories to find semen traces on fabric evidences like clothes, bed sheets, or any kind of fabrics. 

Highly sensitive and specific to semen, non-toxic, safe for the DNA, STK Lab is the perfect solution for forensic laboratories facing high number of evidences from rape cases. 

STK Lab solutions are being used in routine in several forensic laboratories in the world and already supported scientific police solving thousands of rape cases.

Because of its sheet format, this AXO-STK-A3-20 reference is to perform validity study of the STK Lab solution or routine work on small evidences like socks.

One pack contains: 20 sheets A3 format 42 cm x 29,7cm (16.54’’ x 11.69’’)

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One pack contains: 20 STK Lab sheets 42 cm x 29.7 cm (10" x 6.7") 

Shelf life: 12 months following production

ISO 18385 forensic grade

Bach number, produced according to ISO 13485 standards

Do NOT alter DNA, fully compatible with extraction techniques