STK Skin for victim's body and hair

2 sample pouches of STK Skin

STK Skin is a presumptive test for the detection of human male semen directly on victim’s body and hair in order to locate assaulter’s semen specifically. 

STK Skin is the perfect solution for forensic physician and medical examiner to locate assaulter’s semen specifically on victim’s body. 

Highly sensitive and specific to semen, non-toxic, safe for the DNA, STK Skin is the perfect solution for medical examiner taking care of rape victims. 

Contains: 1 box of 2 individual STK Skin pouches. Perfect for very first STK Skin tests. 

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Contains: 1 box of 2 individual STK Skin pouches 

1 pouch is enough to screen one person

Formulated in a convenient format, dry powder, STK Skin pouch is simply dissolved in 100 ml of demineralized water. The product is rapidly ready-to-spray and easy to carry. 

Shelf life: 12 months following production

ISO 18385 forensic grade

Bach number, produced according to ISO 13485 standards

Do NOT alter DNA, fully compatible with extraction techniques

STK Skin is not an IVD diagnostic product. Its usage is for forensic only